Haitian kids are eating mud cookies to fill their empty bellies, but YOU can help the kids of Haiti by using Print For Change for your online printing needs!
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Use Your Business to Help the Poor (doing something you already do!)

Goldfish, triscuits, graham crackers…just a couple of foods that are basically nutritionally void that we allow our children to eat, right?

But can you imagine HAVING to feed them mud in order to fill their bellies?

That’s what mothers and grandmothers do everyday in Haiti.

I watched a video (posted below) and couldn’t sit still any longer.

After lots of tears, my husband told me that I should go on a mission trip to help these children.

Within days, that’s exactly what happened. I’d found a group (that had been praying for people like me to join) and bought a ticket.

Most people can’t just hop up and go to Haiti when they watch a video, so what can YOU do to help the people of Haiti?

It’s easy…the next time you order business cards, flyers or yard signs you can help Haiti!

How can Printing Can Help Haiti?

I’m going to Haiti with Print for Change, a online printing company that gives 50% of it’s profits to Healing Haiti. Healing Haiti is an organization committed to fresh water, helping orphans, church plants eldercare and families (and more) in Haiti.

Just by choosing this amazing company for your printing (aka business cards) you can help kids and adults get the resources they need!

I cannot believe how quickly my trip fell into place. I am praying that this isn’t the last time I go either.

I’m taking a luggage full of stuff for the kids. If you want to give directly to Healing Haiti, do so by click the link above.


Elaine Mingus

PS – Don’t forget Print for Change the next time you need your online printing done so YOU can help the kids of Haiti without every leaving the United States!

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