The story starts, "Once upon a time...there was a blog post." Many bloggers write posts with high hopes, only to experience the post that never went viral.

The Post that Never Went Viral

Once upon a time…there was a blog post.

This little post was born in earnest. He had a clear and concise message, as all good posts should. Throughout his development, he followed the rules of a proper little post. And after he was written, he was formatted for readability. He had bullet points, bold letters, h2s and h3s, Not so many to be distracting, but just enough.

Finally, when he was ready and not a moment before, he was published for all the world to see.

He sat and waited expectantly.

He hoped.

He dreamed.

And waited.

Then, waited some more.

But the readers weren’t coming.

Maybe, he thought, I haven’t been shared enough on social media. So, just for extra measure, he traveled to all the major social media platforms and presented himself again.

And again.

And again.

But nothing changed.

The post was hurt and a little confused.

“But I’m a good little post,” he said. “I’ve done everything right. Why doesn’t anyone like me?”

The little blog post dug deeper into his message, redesigning his Pinterest-friendly image and checking Yoast for that little green light. Even talking to his friend, C0Schedule’s Headline Analyzer, to make sure his blog post title consisted of the enough emotional and power words to intrigue readers.

“You’re doing everything perfect, my son,” CoSchedule said. “You aren’t too wordy, you have just the right amount of characters and your word choices score above a 70…” Then the wise website leaned down to the little blog post and whispered, “And we all know that it’s almost impossible to score more than an 80.”

After a pat on the head, the little blog post went on his way happy with his high scores and green lights…but he was still distraught.

“How can I be doing everything perfectly and not go viral? I don’t understand,” he said plopping right back down into his space in the blogosphere. While he waited for something amazing to happen on the interwebs, he decided to pray. He probably should have done that first, but he guessed it was better late than never. He closed his little eyes and said the most eloquent and the most humble prayer of his entire life.

“Please God. I’ll do anything for you. But just let me go viral. Even if it’s only a little. Amen.”

But God did not see it fit to answer his faithful prayer.

And the little blog post sat…and cried a little…okay, maybe a lot.

“Maybe it’s my hosting company, or my WordPress theme, or even my blog’s GTMetrix score.”

But his host’s resources were plenty, his theme beautiful and his GTMetrix score gave him a B+ for page speed. (The little blog post even went over to Pingdom and was told he was actually an A+…but he decided not to tell GTMetrix that).

For days, the little blog post watched and checked his Google Analytics. Sure, there were some readers that had visited, but not more than any other post on his street.

He went over to a neighboring page, who had moved into the area long before he’d arrived and asked him if he’d send some traffic over. The older post was known to all the locals, for he’d been the most successful post on their street.

“Sure!” said the older blog post, “I’ll definitely interlink to you! That’s what friends are for!”

“Thanks,” the little blog post said sheepishly looking around at his sessions and pageviews. “Wow,” he said. “You sure have had a lot of visitors come around. I wish I could get that kind of traction.”

The older blog post stepped back, looked at the little blog post and smiled. “Well, thank you, little blog post, but it’s nothing compared to some of the other posts in WordPress City. I know of another blog post on the next street over that has over a million pageviews a month! Now, that’s living. I sure wish I could be like that!”

“Well, thanks anyway,” said the little blog post and went on his way.

For days, weeks and months, he just existed. Some days he’d go over to Facebook and get a few more readers to visit. Other days he’d go to Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. And when he got really desperate, he went over to Linkedin. But most days, he just sat and waited.

But what the little blog post didn’t know was even though he’d only had a few hundred visitors a month, is that those readers who read him, went away different than they’d been before. The words of the little blog post touched almost every blog post reader’s heart in a way many other blog posts failed to do. They spoke about him to friends, but not just about him, but how his words had changed them into a better person. Those who read him shared with friends how their lives were better because of him.

Of course, they had forgotten to share him online or leave a blog comment because something more urgent had occurred IRL. Maybe, they’d go back to him and say thank you, but probably not. They’d gotten what they needed, what the little blog post had wanted to give freely and that was enough.

The little blog post never saw the tears shed while his words soaked into their souls.

He never saw hope resurrect in their eyes.

And he definitely never saw the ripple effect of the change happening inside them on others in the world.

He was too busy worrying about whether or not he had too many adverbs or a meta description that needed tweaking.

What that little blog post never realized is that even though he might be the post that never went viral, he was a post that had gone viral in people’s hearts.

And that’s not something that even some of the most viral posts could always say.

The End

Dedicated to all the bloggers in the world that are writing their little hearts out with little or no ROI. Just because you might have “the post that never went viral,” doesn’t mean we aren’t making a difference in the world. #JustKeepBlogging

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