What people don't know about logo development is that having a single logo isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. You need multiple versions of your blog's logo for different parts of your blogging experience.
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The Five Logos You Need For Your Blog

On top of being a blogger since 2007, I’ve also been a graphic and web designer since 2005.

I’ve designed logos for many different organizations.

What people don’t know about blog logo development is that having a single logo isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You need multiple versions of your blog logo for different parts of your blogging experience.

I’m going to break down how many logos you need for your blog and why you need them.

How Many Logos Do You Need for Your Blog?

Main Blog Logo with Tagline

Obviously, you need the main logo.

The main logo goes on the blog homepage, usually in the left corner or center of the webpage.

It can be square, rectangle or circle..any shape really.

Logos need to have at least a 72 dpi resolution for online media. Jpeg is fine. I like PNGs best. But if you are looking to print, having a EPS is a must! EPS can be resized without any quality loss. But you won’t want to upload EPS to a blog.

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Main Blog Logo without Tagline

You’ll want a copy of your main logo WITH and WITHOUT the tagline.

Sometimes your tagline adds too much clutter when developing certain products. You want to have the option to use one with or without the tag line

Square Logo

You’ll need a square version of your logo for things like “Site Icon” which is the little emblem up in the URL.

This icon/square logo needs to be at least 512px by 512px. You usually only need a 72 dpi version.

Again PNG is my go-to. GIF create a smaller file if you are worried about loading time on your site. Some sites have an easy upload option under the “Customize” part of WordPress, otherwise, you might need an .ICO file to upload via FTP.

Square/icon logos are also useful for social media profile pictures which are usually square.

They are also useful for watermarking photos.

Blog URL Logo

URL logos (aka your blog’s domain name in a font of your choosing) are great for low-profile needs.

I use a URL logo for the BOTTOM of my Pinterest images (see below).

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On my other site, SupersizedFamily.com – I use both the icon logo and the URL logo on my Pinterest images.

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If you want a text-based logo of your site name (not URL) that might be useful too!

Black and White Blog Logo

Whether or not you are looking to print things, you will want a color version of your logo..but also a black and a white version.

As you can see on my Pinterest images above, the icon/square version isn’t colored. It’s an overlayed white version with the opacity (see-throughness) turned down to 50%.

For your black AND white versions, you’ll want them to have a transparent background and be in the .PNG format so you can overlay them on photos.

Other Blog Logos

While there are probably endless versions/sizes/file types of logos you can use, the above are the main ones I use regularly.

I hope this helps all the new bloggers out there who need to know what they need to know before talking to a designer.

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