Blogger shares her journey on designing pins for Pinterest.
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The Ever-Evolving Pinterest Look for Pins 2013-2019

All bloggers change things up.

We take a course on blogging.

We split test.

We study the competition.

And we learn.

We change.

There’s nothing special about my specific evolution of pins for a Christian blog, but I figured I’d share it anyway because it’s like an income report. It helps another blogger learn what works and what doesn’t. It can shave time off growing your own blog.

My Blog Timeline

  • 2007: I played with blogging with a free WordPress site.
  • 2010: Continued blogging in 2010 at
  • 2013: Got more serious, I started
  • 2015: After rethinking some things, I rebranded as
  • 2017: Redesigned site and started reworking all my pins to match site.
  • 2018: After testing a few different ideas, I came up with my new pin look.
  • 2019: Undertaking a MASSIVE rehaul

What Courses I Took

As a big family, I don’t just buy courses all willy nilly. There are three blogging courses/packages I’ve purchased in 10+ years of blogging.

I now use a method I learned from Billionaire Blog Club, pinning multiple images for the same blog.

You can read more about how my entire blog changed here.

My Pinterest Images: Then and Now

Blogger shares her journey on designing pins for Pinterest.

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