Wondering what the top affiliate programs for Christian bloggers that actually bring in money? Check out this TOP 3 list of Christian affiliate programs for bloggers (who don't just blog about blogging!)
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The Christian Affiliate Links I Make the Most Money With

Like any blogger, Christians bloggers are looking to make a little extra money. Many of us know the ones that everyone uses like:

These are also the ones that make the most money. Many of the 6-figured bloggers are blogging about blogging. Go figure. Telling people how to make money is HOT-HOT-HOT in any economy.

While that’s all well and good…many Christian bloggers aren’t looking to promote blogging-related items to their readers because many of their readers aren’t bloggers!

On my main blog, RadicalChristanWoman.com, I struggled to figure out how to maximize my income without compromising my blog (or my faith). My questions were this:

  • How can I make more money on a non-blogging-money-focused blog?
  • More specifically, how can I make money on a Christ-based blog?
  • How can I enhance the lives of readers toward Christ while making money…but not feeling guilty about it?
  • What affiliate programs were actually going to make me money as a Christian blogger.

Have you ever wondered these questions?

It’s a conundrum that I’m here to help you solve.

While I definitely make the most of my money on non-Christian affiliate items (specifically blogging-related items like Elite Blog Academy), I do make money from recommending Christian products.

These products are listed in order from biggest monthly payout (for me)…but not necessarily the biggest payout per purchase.

Amazon is listed as my #1 because it pays me the most each month…but only pennies for what I actually sell for them. But it’s also the easiest to get started (and who doesn’t order from Amazon!?) Whereas some of the others payout MORE…but get clicked less often.

It’s advisable to have BOTH on your blog to ensure a steady income!

The Christian Affiliate Links I Make the Most Money With

1. Amazon

One of the easiest affiliate programs Christian bloggers can use is Amazon. It’s low-hanging fruit for sure. It’s not where the big bucks are per click, but it brings me a consistent income I can depend on. About $50 per month, mostly from one post called 20 Christian Books About Sex on a blog with less than 50k pageviews a month. Like I said, not a lot of cash, but consistent.

Here is my Amazon affiliate revenue for 2018 below.

You can see that even though I sold nearly $10k for Amazon, I get a very small percentage. That’s doesn’t mean I want to throw in the towel and not use this affiliate program for Christian products, it’s just that it’s not exactly the best bang for the buck!

Remember: you don’t just get commission on what you recommend…but everything in their cart that counts towards their affiliate program! Some things are exempt, like certain electronics or baby items. See the payout percentage here.

2. PureFlix

After Amazon’s affiliate programs there are two other top performers for me. These might not be the same for everyone.

The first one, Pureflix, is easiest because you get a small commission just for recommending them to sign up for a free 1-month trial.

Pureflix is basically a Christian Netflix. I have an entire video series on when I gave up Netflix for 6 months and got Pureflix instead. It catalogs some of my struggles and victories with this company who is trying to take on a internet-streaming giant.

A month subscription (after the free trial) is $10.99 per month or $99.99 for an annual subscription. Your subscription also helps families adopt children…which is pretty amazing.

If you compare the rate of what I earned FOR the company ($1110.61) vs. what I MADE for myself ($166.00), even though it’s lower than Amazon…it’s higher per sale. It’s a trade off.

If you haven’t signed up for Pureflix yourself, I recommend trying it for your free month before recommending it!

PS. You’ll need a SharesSale.com account to recommend Pureflix.

3. FaithBox

FaithBox is one of those fun subscription programs where each month the user gets a box of items hand-picked for each month. This includes items like:

  • Books
  • Candles
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing

Here are some box examples:

The subscription starts at $25/month with annual plans as low as $22/month.

But the kicker is the amount you get for recommending it! It’s $10 per subscription! That’s amazing! See the information from SharesSale.com below (You have to sign up for ShareaSale.com in order to recommend it)!


And if you do occasionally blog about blogging, you get a $2 referral fee for everyone that signs up for an affiliate account.


In the first four months of 2018 I made $40.  I didn’t even promote it except for in this one post and I made money. Imagine if I actually did something with it!

All the Others Things

There are More Affiliates Out There

These aren’t the only ones that I’ve made money off of, but they are the ones that I’ve seen the most benefit from when it comes to Christian affiliate programs. I have an entire list of 50+ affiliate programs for Christian bloggers that are in many different niches.

Truth be told, outside of Amazon (maybe because it’s the easiest to promote), I really need to up my affiliate game because I know for certain I could be making way more money on these items.

Real Temptations

As a side note, as a Christian it’s important we operate on the up and up…there are some real temptations to cover up facts when recommending products. In the end, we are blogging for the LORD…and not for man.

The Bible is clear:

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? Matthew 16:26

The struggle is real.

We all want to make money on our Christian blog, but we need to have a standard of righteousness that guides us and tempers the deceitfulness of wealth. Even in this blog post, it’s tempting for me to cover up the amount I make (or lack of amount I make) so that I can look shiny and awesome. But we need to be real with each other. It doesn’t help YOU if I pretend I make $50k a year blogging (I don’t…yet). In fact, it discourages you! If you think I make this HUGE amount while blogging and then turn around and apply all the principals I recommend yet don’t make much money, you’ll feel like giving up…and I’ve done you a great disservice because YOUR VOICE matters! Your obedience to Christ in blogging matters. Money is nice, but in the end we all want to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Right?

Now…go! Blog for Jesus, in truth and spirit…and make a little cash on the side.

Wondering what the top affiliate programs for Christian bloggers that actually bring in money? Check out this TOP 3 list of Christian affiliate programs for bloggers (who don't just blog about blogging!)

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