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Top 5 Things that Will Supercharge Your Blog in 2019

I struggled for years with blogging. YEARS!

When I saw a new blog skyrocket to $10k a month after only a few months of blogging, I was like WHAT THE HECK!

But then…all that changed.

I learned the secret I was missing…I was overly general. I had too many topics on my blog! And through this God-given revelation…and it was only God. I realized there are 5 things that supercharged my blog in today’s blogging world.

I don’t want you struggle like I did. Seriously. Too many tears were shed. Too many nights on Tailwind spent pinning with very little return on my blogging investment. And too many times I was tempted to buy some blogging plugin, course or book because it promised to be the next big thing.

I figured out this secret because of this ONE BLOGGER I started following like a dog in heat! If she sent an email…I read it. If she linked to a blog post in said email…I clicked. I stalked her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When I visited her blog, I didn’t read one post…I read 10! In fact, I scrolled all the way back to her very first post in order to figure out when she started blogging (2016). I wanted to thrive like she was thriving.

And after doing all I this, I realized 5 things that were causing her blog to go viral almost every day. So, here they are!

Top 5 Things that Will Supercharge Your Blog in 2019

Perfect Your Avatar

The blogger that I was stalking didn’t have to work very hard for my attention. Do you want to know why? Because I’m her “perfect” audience. I’m her avatar. Ruth Sukoup’s Elite Blog Academy has an entire section on creating an avatar to focus all you blogging efforts on.

Figuring out who your audience is…not who you WANT it to be, but who it actually is and delivering content to them that they crave, is key to making your blog soar.

If a reader is seriously interested in your blog topic, they will want to read more. They will click your links and buy your products. They will talk about your offline and online. They will share your posts and tag friends in Instagram.

If you don’t know your avatar, you need to figure it out. It’s vital to the health of your blog.

Inspire Your Audience

When I visit my favorite blogger’s site, I’m inspired. I want to BE like her.

But she doesn’t just inspire me for inspiration’s sake, she inspires me LIKE I crave to be inspired.

Personally, I want to be BOLD for Jesus. It’s something innate in me. I don’t like namby-pamby faith and I want to hang around other people who inspire me to resist complacency in my faith. Being inspired to live healthy or do the perfect yoga pose isn’t going to float my boat.

Your audience desires greatly to be the best THEM they can be. Inspire them and they will keep coming back for more.

Keep it Simple

I honestly believe that the #1 way to drive people away from your blog is to confuse them.

If your navigation is wonky…they leave. If you blog about too many topics…they’re gone. If you have too many ads or they can’t find search easily, most of your potential readers just won’t do all the work it takes to figure out how to make your blog work for them. Sorry. Blog readers, for the most part, are pretty lazy. Maybe not lazy, but click happy. They like to click, find what they need quickly, get in and get out. They have busy lives. And if they can’t find something fast, they will find another site that will give them what they need at top speed.

When I go to my favorite blogger’s site, I am absolutely certain I will only find blogs about ONE subject. She has multiple topics that surround ONE mission. It’s clear cut and I’m never confused.

Keeping it simple and unconfusing will do wonders for your blog’s success.

Be Relevant

We’ve all heard about creating evergreen posts. If you haven’t, I’ll explain. An evergreen post is a post that can be shared today…and in 2 years. For example, when the Duggar scandal went down, I didn’t write a blog post on the Duggars (which might have done well for a season, but then been dead weight on my main blog), instead I wrote a blog post about how to keep your children protected from being molested.

And honestly, I’m torn on whether or not evergreen posts are always the way to go. There is a lot of value in writing short-term blogs. Even short-term blogs can have an evergreen moral tied into them. My favorite blogger writes very current-trending news, but the entire site is devoted to this style, so it works for her.

But whether you write evergreen posts or news-story-type posts, stay relevant to your topic. Make sure it’s actually something your reader wants to read and you are not just writing it for clicks.

Be Shareable

There are reasons people share posts. Two of the main ones are:

  • They want to be seen an authority on a topic, so they share a post.


  • They want to help others who they think might need to read a post

I think it’s funny how we have these two seemingly conflicting personality traits. We are proud…yet want to help others. It’s just amusing to me. But it’s important to realize that we all have this tendency because it makes it easier when writing titles for blog posts (or even the actual post) that will be shared based on these two ideas.

Social media is the way blogs grow quickly. While I believe SEO is a better long-term growth strategy, writing posts that are shareable is an important technique for getting more pageviews and sessions in the short-term.

Other Growth Techniques

One other growth technique I think is worthy of noting, is having a blog post with ONE mission. So many times bloggers scurry down rabbit trails and it muddies up their blog. I’ve created a blog post template that you can get FOR FREE by signing up below.

This blog post template will create a solid guideline for making sure each and every blog posts stays on topic, every time.

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