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    How to Run Multiple Blogs on the Same Hosting Account

    Ever thought about splitting up your one blog into multiple blogs? Or maybe you want to start a fresh blog but don’t want to pay for hosting all over again.  Here is an easy how-to guide on how to do this using Cpanel (on GoDaddy). I like GoDaddy despite any other things I’ve heard because they have excellent customer support and I have not had issues with them in 15 years of web development. Why Did I Split My Blogs Up? I did an extensive post on how and why I split up my blogs, but in a nutsell: my main blog was being weighed down by all the extraneous…

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    How to Run Multiple Blogs Without Going Crazy

    And for this most part that’s true. You can’t have 3 (ahem….5) blogs and do it all well. That’s sheer madness. But you can have multiple blogs if you have the mentality of Marcus Aurelius who says: Do Less, Better Actually Marcus was quoting Democritus’ who said “If you seek tranquility, do less.” Either way, you can run yourself ragged if you try to do it all. And you can run your blog ragged if you try to make it BE all, too! I know I was. I would feel guilty posting a blogger post on my main blog, but I wanted to share my blogging tips with the world. And as…

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    Top 5 Things that Will Supercharge Your Blog in 2019

    I struggled for years with blogging. YEARS! When I saw a new blog skyrocket to $10k a month after only a few months of blogging, I was like WHAT THE HECK! But then…all that changed. I learned the secret I was missing…I was overly general. I had too many topics on my blog! And through this God-given revelation…and it was only God. I realized there are 5 things that supercharged my blog in today’s blogging world. I don’t want you struggle like I did. Seriously. Too many tears were shed. Too many nights on Tailwind spent pinning with very little return on my blogging investment. And too many times I…

  • Sure, at one point in your life you had other aspirations than being "just a mom," but let's face it, most days any dreams you had fall LOW on the totem pole of priority. But finding time to pursue your dream doesn't have to be impossible.

    How to Pursue Your Blog & Business When You Are a Mom

    When you’re a mom, finding time for the basics — sleeping, eating, pooping — is hard. Sure, at one point in your life you had other aspirations than being “just a mom,” but let’s face it, most days any dreams you had fall LOW on the totem pole of priority. But finding time to pursue your dream doesn’t have to be impossible. I’m a mom of (almost) seven children, I write a regular blog, have 9 published books on Amazon, go to conferences, speak occasionally at women’s events and sometimes even exercise…sometimes. I also homeschool, play with my kids and find time to go on dates with my husband. But…

  • Check out these great Christian affiliate programs for Christian Bloggers
    Money & Income

    Christian Affiliate Programs for Jesus Bloggers in 2019

    Do you have Christian affiliate programs? Scroll down to submit it to Radical Christian Woman for review. Many of these Christian affiliate programs are outright Christian, but those that aren’t specifically Christian sites are still run by Christians or contain Christian content. My Favorite (Biggest Payout) PureFlix (available through CJ Affiliates) Faithbox Ultimate Bundles Secret Keeper Girl Creative Market General Faith Faithbox DaySpring ChristianBook.com Youth with a Mission (YWAM) LifePosters (Christian posters) Amazon (browse for items) ArabahJoyBlog.com (available through SendOwl) Choosing Rest A Holy Mess (through SendOwl) Woman of Noble Character (email her) Craft of Faith Affiliate Networks These aren’t Christian in nature but contain Christian affiliate links. ShareASale FlexOffers Linkshare…

  • Starting a blog can be tough when you factor in family, managing a household and keeping up with the day-to-day, but adding your faith in the mix adds another layer of questions and struggles. Can I make money on my blog and it still be faith-based? If I'm a Christian but want to write about DIY stuff how do I incorporate Jesus into my blog? This series (also available as ebook with sub) is a great tool for beginning bloggers to start their blogs off on the right foot.
    31 Days of Blogging

    Jesus Blogger – 31 Days of Blogging Like Jesus Would

    Jesus Blogger, comes out of a strong desire to allow Jesus to infiltrate every aspect of my life, especially my writing career. I started blogging on and off in 2007, but got really serious after the birth of my fifth child in 2012. Today, I’m a homeschooling mom of six, so doing ANYTHING is a challenge…especially sitting in front of the computer. It’s like my children have a radar that goes off as soon as my butt hits the black pleather chair that says, “Mommy’s on the computer…let’s go need something.” I don’t want my kids’ childhoods to be filled with memories of begging their mom to get off her…

  • In Day 1 of Jesus Blogger, Elaine Mingus writes about why knowing where you came from is the first step to blogging like Jesus would.
    31 Days of Blogging

    Jesus Blogger Day 1 – Know Your Roots

    Okay, so you’ve decided to become a blogger. Or maybe you’ve been a blogger since 2011 like I have been. But let’s start at the beginning anyway. Not the beginning of your blog journey…the beginning of the Bible. The book of Matthew gives us an overview of the super long genealogy of Jesus. It’s the part we all skip right? Abraham was the father of Isaac. Isaac was the father of Jacob. Blah. Blah. Blah. *Eyes glaze over* Why is this part included in the Bible? And what the heck does it have to do with blogging? I believe it has EVERYTHING to do with blogging. And it is definitely…

  • Fill in the blank blog post template for those write blog posts. A template is a great way to get creative juices flowing.
    Grow & Shine

    Blog Post Template to Keep Readers Engaged, Increase Pageviews and Make Money

    All writer’s get in writing ruts. Bloggers (especially new bloggers) can get overwhelmed with the “right” and “wrong” way to write a blog post. Recently, I wrote some sales emails based on Elite Blog Academy‘s product launch and I was so thankful Ruth Sukoup provides a template for writing those emails. It made everything so much easier. And my sales emails were full of valuable information so that my readers didn’t feel like I was just selling them something! Her template also gave me the confidence to let my creative juices flow in a way I didn’t expect. Since I wasn’t worried about the flow of my email I was…

  • Day 2 of Jesus Blogger, Elaine Mingus asks the vital question to all bloggers - are you called? Only what starts out supernatural has eternal significance.
    31 Days of Blogging

    Jesus Blogger Day 2 – Are You Called?

    If you want to start from the beginning of my 31-day challenge click here. I have a blogging story for you. And it starts with a car. A very old car. My grandma gave us her super low-mileage, but super old, 1994 Chevy Lumina about four years ago. It drives great, but it’s just old. To make matters worse, it had been sitting in her dusty barn for years!  Soon after we got it, the electronics started going bad. And I mean bad. The window motors don’t always work. At one point we had to slide across from the passenger side door because the driver’s side door wouldn’t open. But we…