Let's face it. Money and God can get funky...fast. The idea of making money on a Christian blog makes me feel like I'm "selling Jesus"...not cool. Here's some surefire tips for staying true to your faith, while making a living doing what God's called you to do.
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Making Money on a Christian Blog

Let’s face it. Money and God can get funky…fast. The idea of making money on a Christian blog makes me feel like I’m “selling Jesus”…not cool.

When I wrote my Jesus Blogger: 31-Days to Starting a Christ-Centered Blog I wanted to tackle some of the issues of the heart that don’t necessarily get addressed in other blogging books that I love.

But for me personally, making money on a Christian blog has been by far the most heart-wrenching task of all the blogging tasks I have.

The Bible says that we can’t serve both God and Money, for we will hate the one and love the other. Yikes!

In my own blog, I know this is true.

When I chase the Almighty Dollar for my Christian blog, I can quickly lose sight of what’s important — the gospel.

So, you know what I tend to do?

Ignore it.

I decide that I don’t want to make money.

Well, that only lasts for a little while. Usually until the next time, one of my kids is crying that they want something basic that we can’t afford.

So, I press in. Press on.

Without further ado, here are some surefire tips for staying true to your faith, while making a living doing what God’s called you to do.

3 Tips to Making Money on a Christian Blog

1. Always, always, always keep God (& Others) first

This is a lot easier said than done. The devil likes to get our eyes off God…and he’ll use any possible way to do it.

Even the legitimate need to bring extra money in to support our family.

A good rule of thumb when making money on a Christian blog is to ask yourself, “Would I do this/sell this to my best friend?”

If they answer is no…run the other way!

How to Avoid: Staying in prayer & reading your Bible daily will allow the Holy Spirit to freely flow in your life to convict you if you are being a weirdo.

2. Choose Affiliates that Support Your Message

If you blog about fitness & faith – you are totally cool to have affiliate programs that support health and wellness.

If you blog about only faith & family – go ahead and promote kid-friendly items.

We are Proverbs 31 women, in charge of the home. These affiliate items help us fulfill our God-given calling.

3. Create Products that Fill a Legit Need

Imagine if Jesus came down to Earth to give us an ‘extra bag of sin.’

You’d be like…’ugh…thanks. I got enough, dude.’

But he didn’t. He came down and gave us something we desperately needed.

As a blogger, you are a content creator. When you create something, make sure you are like Jesus…make sure your audience actually needs it!

Otherwise, you are just offering them a bag full of dirty laundry when they have enough of it at home!

Even if you don’t want to make money, you need to grow your blog

Let me set you free…you can blog all day and night for Jesus…and not make a single penny.

Yup. It’s totally okay.

But I want to challenge you, that even if you never make a shiny cent off your blog, that you do try to make it grow somehow.

So, imagine your blog is a little plant. It would be negligent to forsake watering it. To keep it in the dark.

A plant that isn’t intentional…is more like a weed.

Don’t let your blog be a weed.

In the New Testament, there are countless times that the apostles declare “and each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved. (Acts 2)

Our church culture has promoted a half-lie that God doesn’t really care about growth (only your personal growth)…but that’s obviously not true.

He’s very committed to growing things that help spread His message so that others can be saved.

The believers in the NT church formed a community. Most of all, they share everything: money, food, property.

Did you catch that? They shared.

If you’ve been given the gift of the blog…it’s your job TO SHARE it with other believers.

Your blog is a plant and it is your obligation to make it grow.

Making an extra buck is only an added benefit.

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