Starting a blog can be tough when you factor in family, managing a household and keeping up with the day-to-day, but adding your faith in the mix adds another layer of questions and struggles. Can I make money on my blog and it still be faith-based? If I'm a Christian but want to write about DIY stuff how do I incorporate Jesus into my blog? This series (also available as ebook with sub) is a great tool for beginning bloggers to start their blogs off on the right foot.
31 Days of Blogging

Jesus Blogger – 31 Days of Blogging Like Jesus Would

Jesus Blogger, comes out of a strong desire to allow Jesus to infiltrate every aspect of my life, especially my writing career. I started blogging on and off in 2007, but got really serious after the birth of my fifth child in 2012. Today, I’m a homeschooling mom of six, so doing ANYTHING is a challenge…especially sitting in front of the computer. It’s like my children have a radar that goes off as soon as my butt hits the black pleather chair that says, “Mommy’s on the computer…let’s go need something.”

I don’t want my kids’ childhoods to be filled with memories of begging their mom to get off her blog and take them to the park. So when Ruth Soukup’s book How to Blog for Profit without Selling Your Soul* came out, I snatched it up in a jiffy. It’s an amazing book that I recommend 100% and her information did help me become more organized so I could spend my time wisely. It was a start, but I really still wanted…I don’t know…something more spiritual. Something that would tackle the issues of my heart like:

  • Does God want me to blog?
  • Is it okay to make money on a Christian blog?
  • How do I balance putting my faith in God to grow my blog while still understanding my part in the marketing aspect of blogging?
  • How to incorporate promotion (ie. having sponsored posts about products) while staying true to my beliefs?

Since I was a little girl (from the 2nd grade onward) I knew I was going to be a writer, and now that I am one, I desperately want to honor God with my words and actions. I don’t know if I’ll get answers to ALL my questions, but I figured I would look at the book of Matthew (which has 28 chapters) and study Jesus’ life and ministry to see if I could get any insight to my questions.

So, if you are like me, join me on my 31-day journey to becoming a Jesus Blogger!

This is the “landing page” for this 31 day challenge. Click a day to start reading.

Jesus Blogger Day 1 – Know Your Roots

Jesus Blogger Day 2 – Are You Called?

Jesus Blogger Day 3 – (Only) Three Followers

Jesus Blogger Day 4 – What’s Your Next Step as a Blogger?

Jesus Blogger Day 5 – When Your Blog Changes Directions

Jesus Blogger Day 6 – When Your Message is Worn-Out

Jesus Blogger Day 7 – Don’t Be a Blog-Clone

Jesus Blogger Day 8 – The Temptation to Sell Out

Jesus Blogger Day 9 – Your Blog is a Great Light

Jesus Blogger Day 10 – Counting Your Following

Jesus Blogger Day 11 – The Beatitudes of Blogging

Jesus Blogger Day 12 – Christian + Marketing = I Hate The Words

Jesus Blogger Day 13 – What a Blogger Does In Secret

Jesus Blogger Day 14 – My First Angry Comment

Jesus Blogger Day 15 – Did You Think This Would Be Easy?

Jesus Blogger Day 16 – The Fear of Blogging

Jesus Blogger Day 17 – The Secret to Creating Fresh Blog Content

Jesus Blogger Day 18 – Make Your Blog Last

Jesus Blogger Day 19 – Blog Where You Are At

Jesus Blogger Day 20 – The Humble Blogger

Jesus Blogger Day 21 – Keeping a Blog Schedule

Jesus Blogger Day 22 – My Blog is Better Than Yours

Jesus Blogger Day 23 – Monetizing Your Blog to the Glory of God

Jesus Blogger Day 24 – Do You Serve God or the god of the Blog?

Jesus Blogger Day 25 – Blogger Etiquette: Not One Jot or Tittle

Jesus Blogger Day 26 – Blogging with Diversity in Mind

Jesus Blogger Day 27 – Blogger Guilt

Jesus Blogger Day 28 – A Blogger’s Responsibility

Jesus Blogger Day 29 – It’s Been One of Those {Blogger} Days

Jesus Blogger Day 30 – Well Done, Good and Faithful Blogger

Jesus Blogger Day 31 – Blogging Books and Resources


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