I can't even navigate your blog because of the constant jumping of the screen and loading of ads. Promote stuff, sure. But your blog has too many ads.
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Is there such thing as too many ads on a blog?

It has come to my attention that blogging can make money for the blogger…like a lot of money.

Seriously. Okay. I knew this already.

But lately it has REALLY come to my attention.


The ads. They. Are. Everywhere.

Ads for Ford. Ads for Best Buy. Ads for Home Depot (does anyone actually buy stuff from Home Depot online because when my toilet breaks I drive my butt down the street to get what I need PRONTO!). Ads for brands that I’m sure no one in the free world has heard about and doubt you actually use.

I can’t even navigate some blogs because of the constant jumping of the screen and loading of ads. Some blogs are like a TV commercial that doesn’t ever end. At least with HULU, the ads have a count down timer telling me when all the commercials will be over. In fact, on some blogs there are so many video ads playing that I’m not even sure which ad is playing so I can pause the noise and read the blog post! It’s annoying enough when one video starts to auto play, but especially annoying when I think I’ve paused a video only to realize that there is another video somewhere among the other zillion ads on a site.

And I’m especially annoyed when it’s a Christian site that’s gone overboard…because then I kinda feel like they are selling Jesus. And selling Jesus just pisses me off royally. And I kinda remember this little scene in the Bible, you know the one and only time Jesus got angry was when His people where making His temple a house of merchandise. His words…not mine.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe bloggers can/should make money. This is their work. People should be paid for their work. Promote stuff, sure. I have ads. You have ads. We all have ads. Cool. Have your affiliate links to things you love. But don’t let it get out of hand. Don’t even get me started on those posts where you have to click “next” 1,000 times just to see all the photos. Let’s all turn it down a notch, kay?

I’m gonna give some advice for those with a crazy amount of ads on your site Take it or leave it, but I’m trying to do this because I love you…because I love humanity…and your KILLING humanity with excessive ad placements!!!! Think about your end user. Their experience.

If you had a friend over to your house and everytime you passed a product in your house you reminded them where you bought it and reminded them to make sure they “tell you who sent ya!”…pretty sure they’d look at your funny. It’s totally normal to be talking about what you use to teach your children homeschool and then say “I bought it at XYZ store.” But if you did it 20 times I’d start to question whether or not you have stock in the company or something. You gotta treat your users like friends because for whatever reason they’ve come to your blog and they trust you are going to treat them with respect.

I’m going to be like Jesus and tell you parable.

True story.

One time at a party, a lady and I got to talking. She sold a certain makeup line. I had just had a baby and was kinda enjoying the converstation, so I invited her over for coffee with the knowledge she was going to show me some makeup. Totally cool. She gets to show me her stuff. Make a little money, but then I get to hang out and have some adult time (finally) over coffee.

The day she came over I was so excited to get to know my “new friend” more. House cleaned. Kids entertained and quiet. She comes over. Shows me her stuff and leaves after she gets paid. No coffee. No conversation. I was totally dumbfounded. I might have even cried. Postpartum moms are sensitive like that.

Based on her interaction with me at the party, I saw a promise of friendship with the potential of having a makeup consultant on the side. Problem was, she saw me as a client. Nothing more. And it felt crummy. Don’t do that to me on your blog. Just don’t. I’m not a client. I’m not a consumer. I’m a person.

Don’t promise me a blog post solving a problem in my life when your only real intent is to sell me something. I can see right through it. Everyone can see right through it. Trust is easy to lose and hard to gain.

I’m not trying to say to never write a sponsored post, but make sure it adds value to my life. Real value, not thinly-veiled value.

Some of you are REALLY good bloggers, with REALLY great content. Content that I’ll never read because I cannot figure out how to get whatever ad that is using Adobe Flash Player to stop crashing (I’m a computer geek-coder with a super nice computer…so I’m pretty sure this isn’t on my end either).

Please. Your words are life. I want to read them. So make a choice. It’s either me or the excessive amount of advertising.

And I know I’m not alone.

This isn’t my first rant as a blogger about blogging. I doubt it will be me last.

Just remember that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.


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