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How to Sell Your Blog

I’ve sold blogs before, some for a big profit and some just for enough profit to justify all the work I put into it. Not all blogs can sell easily.

For whatever reason, you might want to sell your blog. Or maybe you designed, wrote and promoted a blog with the intention of selling it all along. Either way, there are a few ways you can market and sell your blog without spending too much money.

1. Decide on a Price

Assuming you already have a blog to sell, deciding on a price is the first item to determine. Your price point will depend on a few things. While these things are all important, they aren’t equally important. The best thing to do is be honest with yourself about your blog’s worth so you aren’t disappointed at the closing table.

What Makes a Blog Worth More

Time Online

The longer your blog has been online, the higher the price point. Google gives more rank to blogs that have been online longer.


A steller design will make your blog more marketable. The less someone has to do once they buy your blog, the more it’s worth. If it has an active email incentive that is bringing in subscribers each day, this will stand out to a potential buyer.


An already established pattern of income is probably the biggest thing that will make a blog worth more money. If you can prove that a blog will make the initial investment back in a short period of time, the more likely a buyer will make a bigger payout.


If someone is looking for instant success, having a solid amount of monthly pageviews/sessions may lure a potential buyer into purchasing your blog.

Blog Posts

Having a good foundation of blog posts might give your blog more clout, but too many blog posts might overwhelm a new blogger. Whether you have 30 or 300, it’s best to have a solid plan of action when thinking about how to market these to blog posts to a potential buyer.


Some blogs will naturally sell faster than others. Blogs aimed at making money or dealing with hot trends will likely sell faster (and for more money) than blogs with smaller niches or potential for growth.

How to Price Your Blog

There is no real way to figure out what a blog is worth, the best thing is to find a number, based on your research, that feels fair for both buyer and seller. Personally, I’ve sold blogs that were “shells” of a blog. Both were about the same, but both sold for two very different prices.

Pick a number and give yourself a timeline, if you don’t find a buyer, change the price. And remember sometimes a higher priced blog will sell faster than a lower one. People see value where you tell them to see value!

*Make sure you also read the section on “Negotiations” about how to add in a little extra so you can make “a deal.”

2. Find A Buyer

After you’ve decided on the price you would like to sell your blog for, it’s time to look for a buyer. While buyers can be found anywhere, these are a few places I’ve looked at.

Places to Find a Buyer

Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook Groups geared at buying and selling blog items, like blog posts. There are also Facebook Groups full of virtual assistants. As long as it’s not violating any guidelines on the Facebook group, these are great forums for finding potential buyers.

Online Blog Sales Sites

I could go about listing all the sites, like, where you can go to sell your blog online, but so many that are around today won’t be there tomorrow so I’ll only list Flippa since it’s been around for years.


Just like buying an old toaster, you could sell your site on Craigslist. Not sure that would get you top dollar, but it might work if you found the right buyer.


There is an entire portion of Ebay where you can sell businesses.


If your Etsy shop is doing well, you might be able to get enough eyes on your blog from potential customers. If you have a customer base that is already interested in your products, they might be interested in running a business based on those products.


If you know a friend or an acquaintance that is knowledgeable about the niche of your blog, you could send them a proposition email or text.

Put Up a Banner

If you are getting substantial traffic, you might consider placing an ad or a banner on your own website telling readers that the blog is for sale.

Email Campaign

If you have an active email list, you might try emailing your readers to see if anyone is interested in buying your blog.

Which Method Works Best?

Personally, I have found that Facebook groups work best at finding a buyer. The second would be using your already established buyer/reader because you know they are already invested in the niche you are selling.

3. Making the Sale

Once you’ve decided on a price and found a buyer, now it’s time for negotiations. While you don’t want to just give your blog away, if you have a buyer in sight don’t let them get away without a fair fight, so to speak.


Many buyers will try to get you to go down on the price. So, when you’re deciding on a price factor that in! When you are in negotiations, you can go down to the “real” price you wanted all along.

Part of the negotiations will be helping your buyer to see the worth of your blog, this is where stats and charts will really come in handy. The more prepared you are, the more serious the buyer will take you.

Transfer the Money

Any blog sale over $5k should be done over at You can do it through Paypal, but there is a chance that the buyer could file a dispute with you. Paypal tends to side with the buyer, so just be aware.

Personally, I’ve used Paypal without an issue, but if you aren’t sure about a buyer this is the safest bet.

Tax Time

Remember to include the sale of the blog at tax time. You don’t want to get in trouble with the IRS!

The Truth About Selling Your Blog

Despite the 1-2-3 of this blog post, selling your blog can take months. Just like a house, your blog is place where you’ve spent a lot of time and effort and not everyone will be the “perfect” buyer for it, but as long as you don’t give up selling your blog can be done.

And remember, it only takes ONE buyer to sell your blog to!

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