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How to Run Multiple Blogs Without Going Crazy

And for this most part that’s true. You can’t have 3 (ahem….5) blogs and do it all well. That’s sheer madness. But you can have multiple blogs if you have the mentality of Marcus Aurelius who says:

Do Less, Better

Actually Marcus was quoting Democritus’ who said “If you seek tranquility, do less.” Either way, you can run yourself ragged if you try to do it all. And you can run your blog ragged if you try to make it BE all, too! I know I was. I would feel guilty posting a blogger post on my main blog, but I wanted to share my blogging tips with the world. And as much as you’d think it’s more work, it’s actually been such a relief to see my main blog flourish without all the weight of the other subjects!

It’s like a good haircut. In the Bible it’s called pruning. But I like to think of it as “transplanting” my little sapling Jesus-Blogger posts into fresh soil so it can grow even bigger!

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