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How to Run Multiple Blogs on the Same Hosting Account

Ever thought about splitting up your one blog into multiple blogs? Or maybe you want to start a fresh blog but don’t want to pay for hosting all over again.  Here is an easy how-to guide on how to do this using Cpanel (on GoDaddy). I like GoDaddy despite any other things I’ve heard because they have excellent customer support and I have not had issues with them in 15 years of web development.

Why Did I Split My Blogs Up?

I did an extensive post on how and why I split up my blogs, but in a nutsell: my main blog was being weighed down by all the extraneous content that didn’t related to my target user.

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting Explained

Shared Hosting is like an apartment building, everyone is pulling on resources.
Dedicated Hosting is like living in your own house, you are the only one pulling the resources…but you are pulling it from the City, so there are limits. You might live in a small house or a big house, but it’s your house.

When this Works on Shared Hosting?

When you have low traffic. I have tier 3 hosting on, my next step up is dedicated hosting.

When this Does Not Work on Regular Shared Hosting?

You Have too much traffic and need to go up to higher tier that would mean a dedicated server

Is this Legal and right?

Yes. Absolutely. You can do whatever you want in both your own apartment, but your hosting company might bottleneck you if you are using too much hot water, right?

How to Run Multiple Blogs on the Same Hosting Account

Step 1: Buy the Domain

Step 2: See All Domains I Have

Step 3: See That I Have Only One Hosting, Click Manage Hosting

Step 4: Click Cpanel

Step 5: Click File Manger

Step 6: See Multiple Domains on on One Host Shown as Folders

Step 7: See Site Structure is Same as Regular WordPress Even Thought it’s in another WordPress blog!

Step 8: Go to ADDON Domain

Step 9: Addon the Domain You Bought

Step 10: Go To Installatron

Step 11: Make Sure You Navigate to Third Panel

Step 12: Find WordPress

Step 13: Install WordPress Application

Step 14: Choose Domain Where You Want to Install WordPress

Step 15: Fill Out Settings

Step 16: Click Install

Step 17: Blog Is Ready

Now it’s Your Turn

Are you ready to split up your blog into multiple domains?

If this blog was helpful, can you share it with other bloggers?

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