When I first started blogging, I would hope and pray for "inspiration." I felt lost when that inspiration was nowhere to be found. I wondered to myself if God really wanted me to do this? Is it okay for me to make monies from my blog? So many questions and so little peace. And it's not just me! Here are five tips to find peace amid all the questions you have as a Christian blogger.

How to be at Peace as a Christian Blogger

This is a guest blog from Horace at Pleasing to the Potter.

Peace. We all crave and desire it! We treasure our peace and yet some days it seems to be in short supply. As a Christian who blogs, peace should come from our Lord and Savior. However, when it comes to blogging there are so many questions that seem to invade the peace that our heart desires.

For example…sometimes we struggle with what to share. Will anybody really care?  How much sharing of ourselves is too much? 

When I first started blogging, I would hope and pray for “inspiration” and I felt lost when that inspiration was nowhere to be found. I wondered to myself if God really wanted me to do this? Is it okay for me to make monies from my blog? So many questions and so little peace. 

And it’s not just me! I’ve communicated with Christian bloggers that struggle with these same questions.

5 Key Elements that will give you peace as a Christian blogger.

1. Be Foundation Centric

When building anything, we all know a solid foundation creates a longer and more durable structure. As Christians, we know our foundation is Jesus Christ, the solid rock.

And the rains descended, the floods came, and the wind blew and slammed against the house, and it did  not fall because it was built upon the rock.” Matthew 7:25

Knowing your why is the foundation for building your blog. It helps in decision making and gives you direction when blogging.

  • Why do you blog?
  • What is your reason for blogging?
  • Do you want to help and encourage people?
  • Are you solving a problem for your readers?
  • What is your blogging purpose?

Every decision regarding your blog should be made with your readers in mind. This is the foundation of your blog.

2. Be Forthcoming

When writing your blog, you must make a commitment that you are willing to be forthcoming. This is difficult but must be addressed upfront. I definitely struggled with this in the beginning, but I realized that God has allowed me to survive my stroke for a reason. (Read my story here). My prayer is that He will use my pain for His purpose. You need to be as transparent as possible; even vulnerable at times. You do this by sharing your heart and being honest with your readers. You don’t necessarily want to have a “pity party” all the time, but sharing openly and honestly provides value to your readers.

Don’t be afraid to share what God has put on your heart. He has blessed you with this opportunity; whether it is pain and frustrations you have felt in the past or a blessing that you received recently and are excited to share.

When you are open and honest in your writing, your care and concern is felt by your readers and you build trust. Also, you have peace when you are forthcoming because God is pleased when we live with integrity.

May integrity and uprightness preserve me.” Psalm 25:21

3. Be Fragrant

When you step through the door of a coffee shop, what do you smell? Hopefully, aromatic coffee beans roasting and fresh coffee brewing. You might even smell some baked goodies in the oven! These amazing aromas alert your senses that you are in the right place for coffee. You feel welcome right away because of the aromas in the air and the warmth provided. So tell me this; what fragrance is coming from your blog site?

If you are offering DIY help or advice, is it done with humility like Jesus or is it giving off an I’m smarter than you look at me aroma? If you are sharing your lifestyle; is it a lifestyle as the world sees or is it one that is pleasing to Christ? Do you show kindness to those that visit and comment on your site or share your material?

This is why we write. We want to help, engage and hopefully stir a thought or emotion. Now I know that sometimes we can get busy and overwhelmed. However, just as Jesus was kind and made time for everyone, we need to exhibit that same kindness to those that have taken an interest in what we’ve shared. Kindness and humility is a fragrance that is pleasing to Him. God has left us here so that He is glorified in all that we do. He knows everything and when we do things to glorify Him, He will bless us.

Blessings are on the head of the righteous…” Proverbs 7:10

4. Be Fearless

The Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God.

As a Christian who blogs, God has blessed you with the ability and the opportunity to share your story. You are not blogging by accident. He has you right where He wants you at this very moment and He wants you to seek His direction and trust Him completely.

Your story matters; you have a unique perspective that is only YOURS! God wants you to share it! So whether you are blogging about family life, sharing Bible verses, or your favorite recipes, you are doing His will. If you are blessed with the opportunity to earn monies from your blog, thank God and have the assurance that you are in His will as you seek to glorify Him. Remember He knows your financial situation and the true desires of your heart. Have fearless faith in God as you blog and rest in His provision.

5. Be Communal

Last month I attended my first bloggers’ conference. I cannot tell you the absolute joy I experienced in meeting some of the bloggers/writers that I had corresponded with online.  It was definitely reaffirming to share stories, learn more about each other and blogging while being introduced to the impact and responsibility that writing a blog entails.

As you write, remember that you are encouraging, enlightening, educating, and hopefully entertaining people. Take the time to foster the impact you are making on their lives. Connect with them in your comments, on Facebook, Pinterest or, Twitter and respond to emails. This is how your “readers/followers” become your “community”.

You would be surprised how much a response here or there encourages and uplifts that someone who needs it. There is tremendous affirmation when you interact and connect with your community. You will continue to grow both as a blogger and a believer as you learn from and encourage one another.

 “Therefore encourage one another and build up one another…” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 


Finding peace can sometimes be difficult as Christian blogger. There are so many questions and uncertainties that we encounter every day. However, I want to impress on you that as a believer, God created you for this moment in time. Your story needs to be told. Share the passion that He has put on your heart and be confident as you seek Him that you are in the “center of His will for your life! 

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