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    How I Made $1025.77 in Sales on Shopify as a Newbie

    When you first start out blogging, you have this idea that making money will be easy. I mean, that’s what all the blogging courses say, right? “I made 3k in my first month of blogging!” “Skyrocket your pageviews!” Whatever the promise of blogging courses out there…most bloggers work…HARD for the money. It’s a hustle. Don’t let anyone tell you different! (That’s why I love Paul Scrivens because he cuts to the chase…no messing around). Most bloggers make money in a few obvious ways: Ads (which require a lot of pageviews) Sponsored posts (which usually happen after blogging for a while) Products (which people buy only if they find your site)…

  • Why should you keep blogging when there are so many other voices trying to be heard? Here are some reasons you should start your Christian blog TODAY even though there are so many blogs starting up!
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    Why You Need To Start Your Christian Blog Today

    Do you know how many new blog posts are published worldwide on a daily basis? 2 million. 2 million new blog posts! Every. Single. Day. In other words? That’s 14 million new posts going out into the blogosphere every single week. Including yours. So, while you’re spending time and energy to write a post, make graphics, make opt-ins, publish it and promote it, there are 2 million other people doing the exact same thing day after day… after day. How does that make you feel? Competitive? Overwhelmed? Frustrated with your blogging progress? Does it make you wonder what the point is? Is there even a point? After all, if you had 2…

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    The Biggest Bloggers Tell Their 6-Figure Secrets

    I know so many of you have questions like: Wondering do I grow my traffic and create a tribe of loyal fans? What should I be doing on my blog to spend my time as a blogger most effectively? How do I create successful (for Jesus) and yet profitable blog? I’m wondering those same questions! And I don’t pretend to know it all, which is why I defer much of my own wisdom to people “bigger” than me…and by BIGGER, I mean someone who is literally making 7-figures a year and has a team to pay their salaries! Ruth Sukoup is probably one of THE most successful bloggers who teach about…

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    The Three Things That Held Back My Blog For Years

    I’m just going to lay it all out on the line here. I don’t even think I’m going to edit this blog post because I don’t want you guys to miss out on what I’m going to say…what is actually in my head. For years, I was struggling to make money on my blog. Like for 10 years! I was writing my little heart out. I was creating really beautiful Pinterest images, working on SEO and doing “all the things” that they say are supposed to make you a great blogger. I was burning the candle at both ends. And when you have seven kids and homeschooling, let me tell…

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    Top 5 Things that Will Supercharge Your Blog in 2019

    I struggled for years with blogging. YEARS! When I saw a new blog skyrocket to $10k a month after only a few months of blogging, I was like WHAT THE HECK! But then…all that changed. I learned the secret I was missing…I was overly general. I had too many topics on my blog! And through this God-given revelation…and it was only God. I realized there are 5 things that supercharged my blog in today’s blogging world. I don’t want you struggle like I did. Seriously. Too many tears were shed. Too many nights on Tailwind spent pinning with very little return on my blogging investment. And too many times I…

  • Fill in the blank blog post template for those write blog posts. A template is a great way to get creative juices flowing.
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    Blog Post Template to Keep Readers Engaged, Increase Pageviews and Make Money

    All writer’s get in writing ruts. Bloggers (especially new bloggers) can get overwhelmed with the “right” and “wrong” way to write a blog post. Recently, I wrote some sales emails based on Elite Blog Academy‘s product launch and I was so thankful Ruth Sukoup provides a template for writing those emails. It made everything so much easier. And my sales emails were full of valuable information so that my readers didn’t feel like I was just selling them something! Her template also gave me the confidence to let my creative juices flow in a way I didn’t expect. Since I wasn’t worried about the flow of my email I was…

  • Ever wonder why some people get all the followers on Instagram and others don't? Are you asking "why my Instagram account is not growing?" I did an experiment and here are the top reasons I didn't follow you on Instagram.
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    5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Follow You on Instagram

    Your non-blogger personal habits are a big indicator of what the rest of the world is doing. Many times we put on our blogger hat and forget what “regular people” are doing. Recently, I was asked to follow generously people in a daily share thread (you know the ones…share for a share…follow for a follow) specifically focused on Instagram. I opened up a slew of tabs to see which ones I wanted to follow. I often wonde: why my Instagram account is not growing. After this experiment, I know what makes the cut..and what doesn’t. And this is coming from a Christian blogger…so I didn’t just follow you because you loved…

  • Wouldn't it be awesome to know what blogging style is...and how to improve upon your strengths and minimize your weaknesses? By answering this 8-question survey you'll get an extensive report on where you rank.
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    Take This Test to Find Out Your Blogging Strengths & Weaknesses!

    Every blogger is different. We have our strengths and weakness. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know what blogging style is…and how to improve upon your strengths and minimize your weaknesses?  The EBA Blog Assessment does just this. By answering this online quiz/survey of only 8 questions, you’ll get an extensive report on where you rank...immediately after taking it!  It’s easy and direct. Don’t wait. 9 Questions to Figure Out What Kind of Blogger You Are Where are you in your blogging journey? How resistant are you to change? How do you learn? What is your writing style? How easily do you get distracted? Do you like to take direction? Do you…

  • In a world of beautiful blogs, some of the UGLIEST blogs still get all the traffic... Why? Check to see if your blog is making this MASSIVE mistake.
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    Do You Know that ONE Thing that Drives People Away From Your Blog?

    Do you know what drives people away from your blog? Not knowing where to go next. Or… Not being able to find what they were looking for. It’s so simple but true. In a world of beautiful blogs, some of the UGLIEST blogs still get all the traffic… Why? Because they have CLEAR navigation and CLEAR calls to action. Simply put: People don’t have to guess where the stuff they want actually is!!! Want to learn how to organize your blog in such a way that drives traffic (and hearts) to your content instead of away? One simple design change could change the course of your blog…forever! Get Blog Structure…