• You see them on IG. You love them. But you've been scared to try. Here are the things you need to get started...and the motivation to push publish!
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    How to Shoot Instagram Flat Lays for Beginners

    You’ve all seen them. Flat lays. You might NOT have known they were called flat lays, but they are. And they look like this: It’s basically where everything is…well…flat! They are beautiful. They display products well. They show fun quotes. They are part of why people LOVE Instagram. As a blogger, you need to harness the power of a flat lay to display your products, books, printables or just inspiration for your audience. And it’s a nice little break from actually blogging…or pinning…or being on a Facebook group talking about blogging. A fan (and fellow entrepreneur) sent me some products after I complained about my daughter’s eczema on a Facebook LIVE,…

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    How a Blog Log Solves Your Blogging Struggles

    Have you ever felt panic rise up in your chest as you type in your blog URL only to see nonsensical lines and lines of letters, numbers and punctuation marks covering the screen? Where did your content go? Where did your pretty theme go that it took you AGES to set up just the way you wanted it? Oh no, you think, as your blog’s whole life flashes before your eyes. Where is your blog?! It must be a plugin, you think – a lot of people say that plugins can cause huge problems and glitches. So, you type in your admin log-in panel URL. You blink. Then double-blink. It’s…

  • SVG - Commercial Licensed Graphics for Christian Based Products
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    60+ Commercial Graphics for Faith-Based Products

    Sometimes you want to design a product…but you don’t want to do all the work. I’ve been designing t-shirts over on my main blog for a few months and I know how much work goes into creating designs. While I haven’t used pre-fab designs on my tees yet, I know that there are tons of other projects that I would like to add a little “something-something” without fussing around in Photoshop (which is my design program of choice). I’ve curated a bunch of cute scalable vector graphics (SVG) that you can use on any commericial product you want! The vectors are FREE for personal use only (so feel free to…

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    50 Totally Free Blogging-Related Images for Bloggers

    As a blogger who blogs about blogging, it’s imperative that I find cool looking blogging-related photos. While I do have a subscription to Storyblocks (which is only $149/year for unlimited downloads and completely worth it!), I like to find other website that offer free stock photography that I can’t get on my paid subscription. Sometimes I get tired of seeing the same images and want something fresh. I got an email from DreamsTime (I guess I signed up for them at some point…probably to get some free stock photos among their paid subscription) and they were offering their “Free Image of the Week”…which honestly was kinda lame, but it piqued…

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    How to Run Multiple Blogs on the Same Hosting Account

    Ever thought about splitting up your one blog into multiple blogs? Or maybe you want to start a fresh blog but don’t want to pay for hosting all over again.  Here is an easy how-to guide on how to do this using Cpanel (on GoDaddy). I like GoDaddy despite any other things I’ve heard because they have excellent customer support and I have not had issues with them in 15 years of web development. Why Did I Split My Blogs Up? I did an extensive post on how and why I split up my blogs, but in a nutsell: my main blog was being weighed down by all the extraneous…

  • What people don't know about logo development is that having a single logo isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. You need multiple versions of your blog's logo for different parts of your blogging experience.
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    The Five Logos You Need For Your Blog

    On top of being a blogger since 2007, I’ve also been a graphic and web designer since 2005. I’ve designed logos for many different organizations. What people don’t know about blog logo development is that having a single logo isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You need multiple versions of your blog logo for different parts of your blogging experience. I’m going to break down how many logos you need for your blog and why you need them. How Many Logos Do You Need for Your Blog? Main Blog Logo with Tagline Obviously, you need the main logo. The main logo goes on the blog homepage, usually in the left corner or center…

  • Moving your blog to a new URL is scary, but it can be less scary if you use these helpful Wordpress plugins when changing URLs before, during & after site migration.
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    Helpful WordPress Plugins When You Are Changing Domain Names

    Whether you’ve had your site forever or just a little bit, there are legitimate reasons for wanting to change your url (aka domain name) to something else. Moving your site from one url to another means you have a lot of technical stuff you have to do so you don’t lose any data. Please refer to WordPress’ codex documents Moving WordPress for a complete ‘how to’ on doing this safely. I’m a graphic/web designer. Moving WordPress is even scary for me! Don’t worry if you are freaked out. It happens to the best of us! If you don’t think you can handle it at all and as long as your…

  • Making shareable social media images for blog posts can be time-consuming. Watch a veteran web/graphic designer/blogger as she does it quickly and easily.
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    How to Make Shareable Social Media Images for Blog Posts

    I never realized how value a random last-semester web design course would be when I graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin. As a blogger, I use my graphic and website design skills daily. I’ve been doing web and graphic design since 2005. I’ve worked with clients both big and small. I’ve worked with design software, coding software and video software. When I first started blogging, I would spend countless hours choosing fonts and making images for my blog post. Then, I would have to make seperate shareable social media images for blog posts so my audience would visit my blog. It was exhausting. I knew I…

  • Blogger shares her journey on designing pins for Pinterest.
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    The Ever-Evolving Pinterest Look for Pins 2013-2019

    All bloggers change things up. We take a course on blogging. We split test. We study the competition. And we learn. We change. There’s nothing special about my specific evolution of pins for a Christian blog, but I figured I’d share it anyway because it’s like an income report. It helps another blogger learn what works and what doesn’t. It can shave time off growing your own blog. My Blog Timeline 2007: I played with blogging with a free WordPress site. 2010: Continued blogging in 2010 at emingus.com. 2013: Got more serious, I started SuperRadChristianWriterChick.com. 2015: After rethinking some things, I rebranded as RadicalChristianWoman.com. 2017: Redesigned site and started reworking all…

  • If you are looking for an Elite Blog Academy Review 2018 - this is my visual journey of what EBA did for my blog.
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    What My Blog Looked Like Before and After Elite Blog Academy

    If you are looking for an Elite Blog Academy Review 2018 – this is my visual journey of what EBA did for my blog. My EBA Journey: What My Blog Looked Like Before and After Elite Blog Academy Since being in the very first group of EBAers, my blog evolved tremendously with Elite Blog Academy. If you are ready to take the journey – Learn More Today! First Go-Round with Elite Blog Academy in 2014 I signed up in 2014 (first class) for Elite Blog Academy. After some blog assessments, I realized that my blog was too dark. It had a white background for the text, but it was still…