• Bloggers run ads on YouTube, but there are specific concerns for Christian bloggers? Here are some tips for monetizing YouTube for Christian bloggers.
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    Monetizing YouTube for Christian Bloggers

    I had a hankering to hear the Jonny Diaz “Breathe” song. So, I did what any normal person does. I looked the video up on YouTube. I clicked off the tab so I could continue blogging while listening to worship music. As with many YouTube videos, a sponsored ad started to run. I didn’t pay it any mind. I pushed the words to the background of my mind…that’s until I heard the f-word bleeped out three times. I couldn’t click over quick enough to figure out what it was advertising, so I can’t tell you what it was for…maybe a movie trailer. I dunno. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen something questionable…

  • A (white) Christian author and blogger talks about the necessity for diversity in post images, as well as sensitivity in writing about issues that affect all ethnicities.
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    How to Increase Your Diversity in Blogging

    I am white. Let’s just get that out of the way in case you were wondering. I grew up in Houston where diversity of culture and color wasn’t much of an issue. Houston is diverse. I didn’t grow up with (much) prejudice. Elizabeth (Native American) and Wen (Chinese) were among my circle of friends, as was a guy name Neil from Holland. Then, I moved to a small town where African Americans STILL live on the “other side of the tracks.” Seriously. I was in the middle of my fourth grade year. As a later comer in the school year I was stuck in the “naughty” class…where (I chide you…

  • If you've been writing and you're wondering how you can increase the reach of your words (aka get people to read your stuff) these five tips are for you!
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    How to Get People to Read Your Stuff

    Do you ever write something and wonder, why do I do this? Am I EVER going to make a difference with my words? Me too. If you’ve been writing your book, poem, blog or article that has yet to be published or go viral and you’re wondering how you can increase the reach of your words (aka get people to read your stuff), then keep reading. You can get more people to read your stuff by taking these morsels of advice: How to Get People to Read Your Stuff 1. Hone Your Craft There is A LOT of talent out there. Everyone has a blog to prove it. What makes the…

  • How to blog when you have kids? I don't want my children's memories to be filled with images of mommy on the computer. It is hard to maintain the mommy/blogger balance, so how do we do it?
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    Keep Your Priorities Straight as a Blogger

    She sat on my couch and vented. She described her family’s nightly routine. Kids bathed, diapers changed, a book and a good night kiss. But as soon as her hubby helped her put the kids to bed, he flew to his computer to play his game. It didn’t matter that she occasionally wanted to talk to her husband or watch a movie together. She called the game ‘his mistress.’ He’s a good man. If she asked him to sit with her, he would. But she could feel the tension. His heart vied for the game. She had become his second love. I listened. Identifying. But not with her plight…with his.…

  • White women make up a HUGE population of the blogging community. But our world doesn't just consisted of able-bodied white women! These great (and simple) tips will help your blog not only represent you...but your entire online community!
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    5 Tips for Improving Blog Diversity

    White women dominate the blogger world. Don’t believe me? Go to any blog conference and look around. This isn’t to make you feel bad, if you were born a white female — you don’t control the universe. But as a fellow non-disabled white woman blogger it is OUR job to make sure our blogs, photos, Pinterest boards mirror NOT only our own faces, but also the faces of others. If you are Christian, improving blog diversity is a non-negotiable. Enough hate has filled the world in the name of Christ, let’s make sure we are doing all we can to change that perception. Here are five easy steps to start “turning…

  • Haitian kids are eating mud cookies to fill their empty bellies, but YOU can help the kids of Haiti by using Print For Change for your online printing needs!
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    Use Your Business to Help the Poor (doing something you already do!)

    Goldfish, triscuits, graham crackers…just a couple of foods that are basically nutritionally void that we allow our children to eat, right? But can you imagine HAVING to feed them mud in order to fill their bellies? That’s what mothers and grandmothers do everyday in Haiti. I watched a video (posted below) and couldn’t sit still any longer. After lots of tears, my husband told me that I should go on a mission trip to help these children. Within days, that’s exactly what happened. I’d found a group (that had been praying for people like me to join) and bought a ticket. Most people can’t just hop up and go to Haiti when…

  • Do you want to write a book but feel like your life is squashing that dream? I will tell you an often overlooked secret to how to write a book despite all odds!
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    How to Write a Book When You Have Kids

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…it’s everyone’s dream to write a book one day. I get it. Me, too. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was in second grade. But that’s not why I wrote my novel, Without Regret. I wrote it because I was frustrated with life. Before my frustration began four things had occurred: I had just FINALLY come to terms with the idea that my husband wasn’t ready for more children (my fourth baby was only 10 months old, mind you) My dreams of writing was starting to resurrect after many years of motherhood and I was excited. I had bought my first real bathing suit since before…