Fill in the blank blog post template for those write blog posts. A template is a great way to get creative juices flowing.
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Blog Post Template to Keep Readers Engaged, Increase Pageviews and Make Money


All writer’s get in writing ruts. Bloggers (especially new bloggers) can get overwhelmed with the “right” and “wrong” way to write a blog post.

Recently, I wrote some sales emails based on Elite Blog Academy‘s product launch and I was so thankful Ruth Sukoup provides a template for writing those emails. It made everything so much easier. And my sales emails were full of valuable information so that my readers didn’t feel like I was just selling them something! Her template also gave me the confidence to let my creative juices flow in a way I didn’t expect. Since I wasn’t worried about the flow of my email I was able to focus on the content alone. Having a template felt like freedom.

I’ve hosted over 60 guest bloggers on my blog and this is the fill in the blank blog post template that I send each one of them so they know how I like things structured and what works on my blog. In fact, some of my top performing posts were written by my guest bloggers. (Check out the guest post: How to Pray for Your Long Distance Boyfriend).

I hope this fill in the blank blog post template helps you the way it helps my guest bloggers and the way Ruth’s email template helped me (no, you can’t have Ruth’s…you’ll have to sign up for her courses!)


Fill in the Blank Blog Post Template

Before You Start

I. Decide on a topic (Read: How to Create a Viral Blog Post)

II. Research your topic if necessary

III. Figure out what products/blog post/affiliate products tie into the post.

IV. Decide on an SEO Keyword(s) and plan to use those words throughout the post.

V. If desired, choose images that reflect your brand to strategically place throughout the post.


Part One

Goals: Grab their attention. Make them trust you. Engage them so they want to keep reading.

I. Address the felt need of your intended audience. A felt need is something your audience feels deeply enough to want a solution for.

II. Tell a personal anecdotal story showing that you understand their felt need. (Like I did in Why You’re Not Making Money on Your Blog)

III. State why you are qualified to speak on their felt need.

IV. Link to another blog post on your blog if possible, either indirectly (preferred) or blatantly.

V. Relate the personal anecdote to the mission of the blog post.

VI. Clearly restate what the blog post is about.


Part Two

Goals: Make convincing points relevant to the reader’s felt Need. Understand the reader’s need to get to the point. Be relatable.

I. Main Point One
A. Subpoint 1
B. Subpoint 2
C. Personal Touch
D. Add a link to another blog post or affiliate link

II. Main Point Two
A. Subpoint 1
B. Subpoint 2
C. Personal Touch
D. Add a link to another blog post or affiliate link

III. Main Point Three
A. Subpoint 1
B. Subpoint 2
C. Personal Touch
D. Add a link to another blog post or affiliate link


Part Three

Goals: Sum up the blog post and place a call to action to capture their email, make a sale, comment or share the post while making it all about the reader.

I. Conclusion
A. Relate post back to the anecdote from the beginning.
B. Any last minute tips.
C. Call to Action (Ask the reader a question, Encourage them to take an action)


When You’re Done

I. Read it through for punctuation and spelling errors.

II. Read again out loud for clarity (preferably to another person…or your dog).

III. Wait for a designated period of time (day/hour/minutes) and read it one more time.

IV. Create a Pinterest image(s) and/or a featured image.

V. Share it on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. (Did you know you can post to IG from your Desktop?)


Do you want a printable of this fill in the blank blog post template?

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