On RadicalChristianWoman.com I've hosted over 50+ guest bloggers. I've learned there are two type of people who want to guest blog.
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Are You a Interested in Guest Posting But Don’t Know Where to Start?

I’ve hosted over 50 guest bloggers.

I’ve learned there are two type of people who want to guest blog.

1. There are those who are actually READ my writer’s guidelines and write an email accordingly asking to guest blog.
2. There are those who just copy/paste an email and send it to every single blog out there hoping they will be picked to guest blog for at least ONE of them.

You can guess which emails I ignore.

If you want to be a guest blogger, I can promise that there are things that will MAKE or BREAK your potential guest blogging gigs.

Ruth Soukup, has done some of the heavy work for those who are looking to take their blogs to the NEXT LEVEL by guest blogging.

(PS. Guest blogging on popular site, if you didn’t know, brings traffic to YOUR site!) I’ve actually guest blogged for Ruth two times! She’s got millions of pageviews!

Read those posts here and here.

I know first hand her guest blogging techniques work…and they are some of the same techniques I require of my own guest bloggers.

But here is an extensive list of Christian bloggers who ARE accepting posts now!

The New Blogger’s Guide to Guest Posting

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