Is Pinterest blocking you as a Christian blogger? The truth is out! And someone got fired for telling you!

Is Pinterest blocking you as a Christian blogger? The truth is out! And someone got fired for telling you!

Hey Jesus Bloggers!

HUGE NEWS happened this past week.

An insider who worked at Pinterest was fired for leaking news that Pinterest is IN FACT blocking Christian and pro-life pins. Pinterest is listing those pins as “porn.”

And if you think it’s just people like me (on my main blog of where the content is a little more radical…it’s not…it’s affect seemingly benign Christian pins. Here are few pin search terms listed as “unsafe.”

  • Christian Easter
  • Bible journaling ideas
  • Christian tattoos

Really? Easter? Bible journaling? What even!!! (Source)

You can see the facts for yourself in this exclusive interview with a brave young man who literally lost friends, income and his reputation when he outed this big tech company.

What does this mean for YOUR BLOG?

The answer is unknown at this point, but no matter if you’re affected or not — you should be concerned that all your hard work. Your daily pinning. Your money spent on Tailwind might be absolutely USELESS if Pinterest decides to “limit” your pins because they don’t align with their core values.

Let me say it another way. All that crying you’ve done over “not making it as a blogger”…might NOT be because you are doing the wrong things…you’re just writing about the wrong thing (which is actually the right thing! And we all know that the Bible predicts that in the last days the world will call “evil, good” and “good, evil”). Which is a little consoling because so many of us are working just as hard as other bloggers but confused at the lack of results!

How soon will this affect other platforms like your email marketing platform (ie. ConvertKit) or your ad network (like Mediavine)? If Pinterest or other big tech companies can shut us off from social media or connecting with our followers, we have a HUGE problem. It will affect our income, our ability to encourage each other and speak truth. This is exactly what Satan would love to do. Making us isolated and alone deflates our faith. Mother Theresa said this:

“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”

What she recognized after years of working with the most wretched of homeless people affects even us 1st world bloggers. When we write and no one seems to hear, we feel alone and unwanted. That affects the state of our soul. We were created to spread the message of Jesus. Online and offline. It’s our calling. If Satan can kill our ability to reach others, we can feel purposeless.

But the hour isn’t too late, bloggers. You have a chance to stand up for religious freedom AND make things known to other bloggers. Alone our voices might be small, but Christian bloggers take up a HUGE BULK of WordPress blogs. Together we can rise up and say “NO! This is NOT okay!”

You can do this a few ways:

  1. Share this blog post in your blogger Facebook groups (it’s basically a copy/paste of this email)
  2. Write a blog post about why Christian freedom of speech is under attack.
  3. Pray & Fast
  4. Be informed by checking out sites like
  5. Send a tweet to Pinterest politely telling them you are upset.

As a blogger, I’ve been experiencing my own personal (mild) persecution this past month.

My Facebook page was banned, I’ve been emailed by a personal friend that I’m inciting hate/fear, and I’ve had to take protective measures by not selling items on Facebook marketplace having suspicious buyers.

All this because I said that Christians should stand up for their beliefs. Seriously. No harsh words. No hate speech. Just telling people they have a voice that matters…kinda like I’m telilng you today.

After my personal friend accused me, I went to my prayer closet and asked friends to evaluate my words and actions. Because I don’t want to “lose my first love” or be a hate-mongering fearful Christian. And although I follow more radical (and less graceful) Christian influences…I always try to lean hard on grace because God knows I’ve been the dirtiest sinner. But after a week of evaluating every single minute detail, I came up with nothing. And the LORD confirmed some things in my heart. Namely, that I have to stop caring what other people think.

That week I read something from Heidi St. John at MomStrongInternational (and The Busy Mom) that said something like this [paraphrased]:

If you are only getting praise for your preaching of the gospel, you are doing it wrong. If you are only getting hate, you are doing it wrong. (Listen to her podcast here).


That was manna for my soul as a Christian blogger. Of the emails I get, the praise outweighs the critics…but I DO get critics. It especially hurts when it’s an actual IRL person I know…but I should expect that I’m going to offend…because Jesus was offensive.

You’ll offend people in two ways:

  • Those who tell you that you aren’t religious enough
  • Those who tell you that you are too religious.

Matthew 11 confirms this:

For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’

Nothing is ever “good enough” for some people, and as a Christian blogger you are going to have to be okay with that.

And while I might not be”good enough” or able to change the opinion of people or corporations, I will never stop preaching the Good News (which includes telling people about sin…and then revealing THE GOOD NEWS that Jesus died for those sins!) and trying my hardest to withstand the enemy who wants to kill (unborn babies), steal (my freedom of speech) and destroy (the fabric of society with lies).

Can I get an amen?

I hope you’ll be encouraged and embolden by these words. If you’ve been happily pecking away at your keyboard as a Christian blogger, totally unaware, I hope this makes you stand up and say “wait!” If you’ve known something was amiss, but couldn’t put your finger on it, I hope you say “SEE! I am not crazy!”

Most of all, I hope this makes you press towards the bosom of Christ. The way, the truth and the life. The one who comforts and guides. Because in the end of all this madness…HE is all that matters.

~Elaine Mingus

Is Pinterest blocking you as a Christian blogger? The truth is out! And someone got fired for telling you!

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