White women make up a HUGE population of the blogging community. But our world doesn't just consisted of able-bodied white women! These great (and simple) tips will help your blog not only represent you...but your entire online community!
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5 Tips for Improving Blog Diversity

White women dominate the blogger world. Don’t believe me? Go to any blog conference and look around.

This isn’t to make you feel bad, if you were born a white female — you don’t control the universe. But as a fellow non-disabled white woman blogger it is OUR job to make sure our blogs, photos, Pinterest boards mirror NOT only our own faces, but also the faces of others.

If you are Christian, improving blog diversity is a non-negotiable. Enough hate has filled the world in the name of Christ, let’s make sure we are doing all we can to change that perception.

Here are five easy steps to start “turning your heart” and your blog to represent the ENTIRE world…not just a small portion of it!

5 Tips for Improving Blog Diversity

1) When using stock photos, specifically search for terms that highlight ethnicity or disabilities.

For example when finding stock images for a motherhood/parenting blog search these terms:

  • Female mother wheelchair/disabled
  • Female black mother
  • Asian mom
  • Headcovering mom

These terms (and others) will ensure that you are representing a larger majority of our population and your blog demographics.

2) When “pinning” things on Pinterest make sure you try to equally pin “white women” and other races!

If you are a blogger, your Pinterest account goes from a “personal” wishlist to a one that is for your entire following. Do you have a “Hair” board on Pinterest? Do you think your black audience wants to only see long white woman hair? I doubt it.

Just remember not to stereotype either. The entire race thing is super sensitive. If you aren’t sure it’s kosher, don’t pin it!

Here are some ideas to get your “diversity juices” flowing in the “wedding” category:

  • Wedding tichel
  • African bridesmaid hair
  • Ethnic wedding dress
  • Indian wedding decorations

3) Ask a friend to check your “diversity IQ”.

If you have a good friend of another race/disability, ask them to look around your blog and give you tips on how to make it more diverse.

For those who ARE of another demographic, please understand that there ARE those of us who are trying…really trying, but we need guidance. Much like ignorant children, we need YOU to step up and teach us what is right and wrong.

If you are white and you DON’T have friend of other color, consider branching out. Get out of your “white person” bubble. And DO NOT become friends with someone just because they are another ethnicity — that’s just weird — but look for genuine friendships with people who do not look like you!

4) Read about diversity.

One of my favorite websites for promoting diversity is Diversity, INC. While I may not “agree” with every single post, I at least need to hear other points of view.

Also, seek out African American blogs. See the world from their point of view. And definitely, definitely, definitely keep abreast on all news items about racial tensions.

You can be torn-apart by the internet for an ill-timed blog if you aren’t aware of what happened in Ferguson, New York, or Cleveland.

5) Remember: When You Represent Others, You Win too!

If you do these things, your audience grows! Your blog won’t just be limited to white women (and the occasional minority) but to all the people of the world!

Bigger audience means more pageviews, more pageviews mean bigger audience.

But we don’t do this just for our Alexa ranking…we do it because Jesus calls us to love others as we love ourselves.

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