Ever wonder why some people get all the followers on Instagram and others don't? Are you asking "why my Instagram account is not growing?" I did an experiment and here are the top reasons I didn't follow you on Instagram.
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5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Follow You on Instagram

Your non-blogger personal habits are a big indicator of what the rest of the world is doing.

Many times we put on our blogger hat and forget what “regular people” are doing.

Recently, I was asked to follow generously people in a daily share thread (you know the ones…share for a share…follow for a follow) specifically focused on Instagram.

I opened up a slew of tabs to see which ones I wanted to follow.

I often wonde: why my Instagram account is not growing. After this experiment, I know what makes the cut..and what doesn’t.

And this is coming from a Christian blogger…so I didn’t just follow you because you loved Jesus. There are a lot of people who love Jesus, but I still don’t want to follow those who fall into these categories.

5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Follow You on Instagram

I Don’t Know You

If I’ve never heard of you I’m immediately less likely to follow you on Instagram.

I didn’t know most of the bloggers in that share thread so there are other attributes that cause me to follow or not.

Don’t lose heart yet!

You Don’t Have a Lot of Followers

So this is a catch 22 (but keep reading because there IS an upside!).

If you are trying to grow your Instagram account, you need followers to get more followers. It’s like when a businessman tells a small (and broke) business that they need money to make money. You walk away totally distraught and think, “Well, this is never going to work.” Right?

But before actually there was something that TRUMPED the amount of followers. It’s the same thing that caused me to “pass” on an Instagram account even if someone had 1 billion followers.

You Don’t Have Engaging Images

You could have a zillion and one followers on Instagram, but if your images aren’t engaging…sorry, no follow.

On the flipside, if you have an amazing eye for structuring your IG photos, I’m all in. Even if you only have 10 followers!

What creates an Instagram account with “engaging images”?

Glad you asked.

Too Many Photos of…

This is probably the BIGGEST section of “what I didn’t follow your Instagram account.”

You have too many photos of:

  • kids
  • quotes
  • your food
  • products/blog posts

So, I have seven kids. If you visit my Instagram, you’ll see photos of them FOR SURE. So, I’m not hating on kids. It’s just that if I see your IG account AND I don’t have a personal relationship with you or your kids, I’m not likely to want my feed filled up with your kids at the park.

Quotes are great. I WANT you to have quotes…but not too many. And your quote graphics should be somewhat cohesive in style.

Unless you are blogging about weightloss or recipes, I don’t usually like seeing what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner…only on occasion.

As bloggers we sell products (or affiliates for products), but if you post your essential oils, books or another item too often, I’m left feeling like your account is really just a sales pitch. The reason why the younger generation hops from social media to social media is that they like authenticity…when it starts getting too commercialized, they leave. Then it’s just all the old people hanging out…

Attaining influence, money and followers means you have to be where the younger generation is at.

You Don’t Inspire Me to Be Better

A photo is worth 1,000 words.

A good photo can inspire me to:

  • Clean my house (so it looks like yours)
  • Buy an outfit (so I can look like you)
  • Have another baby (because you make motherhood look amazing)
  • Text my hubby a love note (because your quote made me feel all lovey-dovey)
  • Make a good meal (because your recipes looks yummy)

As bloggers, we can easily think it’s “all about me”…but it’s not. It’s about helping people be the best THEM!

Paul Scrivens, from Billionaire Blog Club, said this in a recent email:

People whip out the credit cards for:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love

Why? Because they want to attain those things. And part of your job as an Instagrammer is to INSPIRE them to believe they can get those things!

Exceptions to the Rule

There are some Instagram accounts that can post anything they want.


They have mastered a few of the above techniques.

If you have TONS of followers and everyone knows you…BAM, you get to post pictures of your mole on your left ear and get 1million likes. It’s just part of the game.

If you have engaging images…BAM, you can post products, babies and quotes all day long because your images are sooooo pretty that I can’t help look at them!

And you can even be a narcissistic Instagrammer who posts every single thing you eat and drink if you master the other techniques. (Though I don’t recommend it).

Other exceptions to the rule are those people that get followed because their ideology is so similar (and unique) to mine that I’ll follow you just because we are twinsies! The same is true for those on the same journey (like weightloss).

Need Some Examples of Great Instagram Accounts

While I would LOVE to say that my Instagram account is on point…I wouldn’t dare to think that it is.

I wrote this post because as I am trying to grow my own account, I’m starting to realize what works and what FAILS!

Here are some lovely (not necessarily Christian) Instagram gurus whose accounts are swoon-worthy.

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