Christian blogging is harder because we have an enemy, Satan, who doesn't want us to promote things of God. Here are FIVE lies Christian bloggers believe and some helpful resources to encourage you on your blogging journey.

5 Lies Christian Bloggers Believe that Make Them Feel Like Quitting

It never fails, a new year starts, I get a new planner and I feel like a BOSS.

But there are so many blogalicious things to do.

There’s Pinterest. Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms. And Instagram…where everyone stands on tables to get the perfect photo! It’s just too much. And that doesn’t even include writing a post!

Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel on this Christian blogging thing. I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve prayed this prayer:

Lord, please just take this blogging burden away.

Because blogging is hard.

Satan Wants You to Give Up Your Blog

Christian blogging is harder because we have an enemy, Satan, who doesn’t want us to promote things of God. We believe certain lies that can make us feel like giving up on our Christian blog.

Did you know that discouragement is the #1 tool in Satan’s toolkit that makes ALL his other tools work better? Experiencing discouragement while blogging will get you off the track the Lord has set before you as a blogger.

5 Lies Christian Bloggers Believe that Make Them Feel Like Quitting

Lie #1: No One Wants to Read a Christian Blog

Often I assume that people would rather read “fluffy” blog posts on how to organize their kitchen drawers than read something HEAVY like teaching your child about the End Times?

I assume they want to dream that life is easy, not be reminded that it’s complicated!

But that’s not true, people everywhere will read things that cause them to think. We are ALL multifaceted creatures. Yes, we love beautiful desserts on Pinterest and funny memes on Facebook…but most people also yearn for blog posts that touch a deeper place in their souls.

As a Christian, you put all your time, heart, prayers and effort into your blog, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like anything is going anywhere. You feel like your words of wisdom are falling on deaf ears (if any at all).

But if you are like me, no matter how much you pray that God will take blogging away, you keep on blogging. You just CAN’T not blog.

Lie #2: Your Christian Blog isn’t “Big Enough”; Therefore, Not “Of God”

There are Christian blogs that have large followings and make money, but not many when you compare it to budgeting, DIY or recipe blogs. There is a sense that if your blog isn’t BIG it must not be “of God.” Of course, that’s just untrue, but we think it all the same.

If our blogs aren’t “big enough” it can cause us to want to give up on our Christian blog.

But we have to remember that God changed the world FIRST by the sacrifice of ONE man. After that God used only 12 men to spread His message.

I do believe that growth in numbers IS a sign of God’s blessing, as in the Church of Acts – but lack of growth doesn’t mean that God isn’t with you.

There are so many ways to grow that doesn’t include an increase of following. You can grow in QUALITY of followers. You can grow in YOUR FAITH. You can grow in BOLDNESS. You can inspire other blogs that spread the Word of God.

We really won’t be able to measure our “bigness” until the end of days.

Lie #3: My Blog is a Waste of Time & Money

Mixing the desire to blog about faith and make a little money (okay, a LOT would be nice) adds another layer of madness that can cause a Christian blogger to want to throw in the towel.

Making money on a blog is tough (despite what the “experts” say). We invest our money into Board Booster, online courses and hosting…and barely make enough to cover those things causing us to wonder if we are being good financial stewards of the money God gave us!

And it’s not just our money that’s being spent, it’s our time. Precious time. Time away from husbands and kids. And if you are like me, blogger/mom guilt is a HUGE factor in feeling like quitting blogging as a Christian.

I regularly have to remind myself that God doesn’t hate that I love things other than being a wife and mother. I swear, only moms do that to themselves.

Lie #4: I Should Be Doing Something Else for God Instead of Blogging

I should be…

  • doing a Bible study
  • reading a Christian book
  • helping out with Sunday School

It’s funny how these things seem “more holy” and “acceptable” to the Lord, while blogging (because we enjoy it) can feel less spiritual.

Blogging/Writing about faith should be akin to someone singing to the Lord. It’s OUR personal way of praising our Father. But often we allow ourselves to believe the lie that some things are better than others, when, in fact, our entire existence, if lived unto the Lord, is a cry of praise to Him.

Lie #5: My Christian Blog Isn’t Helping Anyone

When we don’t get pageviews, comments or emails as Christian bloggers, we assume that our words aren’t helping anyone.

But the Holy Spirit can use your words to help someone in the middle of the night who doesn’t feel ready to contact you. You don’t know each and every person that has read your blog posts or what they are experiencing.

Even if your following is small, the Holy Spirit can lead a user to input the exact right phrase that brings your blog post up on Google to speak to them.

In those moments that I’ve felt like giving up blogging, the Lord has graciously reminded me of this. Often in my moment of deepest blogging despair somehow the Lord will encourage me.

For my blogs on head covering, people will share that I was the reason they started covering. Or I’ll get a message from someone who says I changed their mind about having male friends and it really helped their marriage.

Resources To Encourage You to Keep Christian Blogging

Oftentimes, we feel like giving up on our Christian blog because we just don’t know what is the next step to take with our blog.

There are so many voices telling how to blog, it’s hard to find the quality ones.

Personally, I only really listen to a few people when it comes to blogging. So many others are just pretending.

Here are some downloads from someone I follow that will help you NOT feel like giving up on your blog.


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