• Is Pinterest blocking you as a Christian blogger? The truth is out! And someone got fired for telling you!

    Is Pinterest blocking you as a Christian blogger? The truth is out! And someone got fired for telling you!

    Hey Jesus Bloggers! HUGE NEWS happened this past week. An insider who worked at Pinterest was fired for leaking news that Pinterest is IN FACT blocking Christian and pro-life pins. Pinterest is listing those pins as “porn.” And if you think it’s just people like me (on my main blog of RadicalChristianWoman.com) where the content is a little more radical…it’s not…it’s affect seemingly benign Christian pins. Here are few pin search terms listed as “unsafe.” Christian Easter Bible journaling ideas Christian tattoos Really? Easter? Bible journaling? What even!!! (Source) You can see the facts for yourself in this exclusive interview with a brave young man who literally lost friends, income…

  • You see them on IG. You love them. But you've been scared to try. Here are the things you need to get started...and the motivation to push publish!
    Design & Tech

    How to Shoot Instagram Flat Lays for Beginners

    You’ve all seen them. Flat lays. You might NOT have known they were called flat lays, but they are. And they look like this: It’s basically where everything is…well…flat! They are beautiful. They display products well. They show fun quotes. They are part of why people LOVE Instagram. As a blogger, you need to harness the power of a flat lay to display your products, books, printables or just inspiration for your audience. And it’s a nice little break from actually blogging…or pinning…or being on a Facebook group talking about blogging. A fan (and fellow entrepreneur) sent me some products after I complained about my daughter’s eczema on a Facebook LIVE,…

  • Best Practices,  Design & Tech

    How a Blog Log Solves Your Blogging Struggles

    Have you ever felt panic rise up in your chest as you type in your blog URL only to see nonsensical lines and lines of letters, numbers and punctuation marks covering the screen? Where did your content go? Where did your pretty theme go that it took you AGES to set up just the way you wanted it? Oh no, you think, as your blog’s whole life flashes before your eyes. Where is your blog?! It must be a plugin, you think – a lot of people say that plugins can cause huge problems and glitches. So, you type in your admin log-in panel URL. You blink. Then double-blink. It’s…

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    How I Made $1025.77 in Sales on Shopify as a Newbie

    When you first start out blogging, you have this idea that making money will be easy. I mean, that’s what all the blogging courses say, right? “I made 3k in my first month of blogging!” “Skyrocket your pageviews!” Whatever the promise of blogging courses out there…most bloggers work…HARD for the money. It’s a hustle. Don’t let anyone tell you different! (That’s why I love Paul Scrivens because he cuts to the chase…no messing around). Most bloggers make money in a few obvious ways: Ads (which require a lot of pageviews) Sponsored posts (which usually happen after blogging for a while) Products (which people buy only if they find your site)…

  • Wondering what the top affiliate programs for Christian bloggers that actually bring in money? Check out this TOP 3 list of Christian affiliate programs for bloggers (who don't just blog about blogging!)
    Money & Income

    The Christian Affiliate Links I Make the Most Money With

    Like any blogger, Christians bloggers are looking to make a little extra money. Many of us know the ones that everyone uses like: Blue Host Site Ground Shopify These are also the ones that make the most money. Many of the 6-figured bloggers are blogging about blogging. Go figure. Telling people how to make money is HOT-HOT-HOT in any economy. While that’s all well and good…many Christian bloggers aren’t looking to promote blogging-related items to their readers because many of their readers aren’t bloggers! On my main blog, RadicalChristanWoman.com, I struggled to figure out how to maximize my income without compromising my blog (or my faith). My questions were this:…

  • SVG - Commercial Licensed Graphics for Christian Based Products
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    60+ Commercial Graphics for Faith-Based Products

    Sometimes you want to design a product…but you don’t want to do all the work. I’ve been designing t-shirts over on my main blog for a few months and I know how much work goes into creating designs. While I haven’t used pre-fab designs on my tees yet, I know that there are tons of other projects that I would like to add a little “something-something” without fussing around in Photoshop (which is my design program of choice). I’ve curated a bunch of cute scalable vector graphics (SVG) that you can use on any commericial product you want! The vectors are FREE for personal use only (so feel free to…

  • Why should you keep blogging when there are so many other voices trying to be heard? Here are some reasons you should start your Christian blog TODAY even though there are so many blogs starting up!
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    Why You Need To Start Your Christian Blog Today

    Do you know how many new blog posts are published worldwide on a daily basis? 2 million. 2 million new blog posts! Every. Single. Day. In other words? That’s 14 million new posts going out into the blogosphere every single week. Including yours. So, while you’re spending time and energy to write a post, make graphics, make opt-ins, publish it and promote it, there are 2 million other people doing the exact same thing day after day… after day. How does that make you feel? Competitive? Overwhelmed? Frustrated with your blogging progress? Does it make you wonder what the point is? Is there even a point? After all, if you had 2…

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    50 Totally Free Blogging-Related Images for Bloggers

    As a blogger who blogs about blogging, it’s imperative that I find cool looking blogging-related photos. While I do have a subscription to Storyblocks (which is only $149/year for unlimited downloads and completely worth it!), I like to find other website that offer free stock photography that I can’t get on my paid subscription. Sometimes I get tired of seeing the same images and want something fresh. I got an email from DreamsTime (I guess I signed up for them at some point…probably to get some free stock photos among their paid subscription) and they were offering their “Free Image of the Week”…which honestly was kinda lame, but it piqued…

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    The Biggest Bloggers Tell Their 6-Figure Secrets

    I know so many of you have questions like: Wondering do I grow my traffic and create a tribe of loyal fans? What should I be doing on my blog to spend my time as a blogger most effectively? How do I create successful (for Jesus) and yet profitable blog? I’m wondering those same questions! And I don’t pretend to know it all, which is why I defer much of my own wisdom to people “bigger” than me…and by BIGGER, I mean someone who is literally making 7-figures a year and has a team to pay their salaries! Ruth Sukoup is probably one of THE most successful bloggers who teach about…

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    The Three Things That Held Back My Blog For Years

    I’m just going to lay it all out on the line here. I don’t even think I’m going to edit this blog post because I don’t want you guys to miss out on what I’m going to say…what is actually in my head. For years, I was struggling to make money on my blog. Like for 10 years! I was writing my little heart out. I was creating really beautiful Pinterest images, working on SEO and doing “all the things” that they say are supposed to make you a great blogger. I was burning the candle at both ends. And when you have seven kids and homeschooling, let me tell…